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As the Apple Phones is contained of a few unique segments/parts, this indicates the truth that Apple Phones fix isn’t simply restricted to screen fix. The other common damages that can take place on a cell phone are cameras, receiver, earphone jack, charging port and home catch. Our plan for repair will start with fixing the damaged part, for example, if the charging port isn’t working properly, we will have to go for cleaning the port with brushes and liquor for clean the residue and oxidize area. In the event that fixing does not work, at that point, we will dispose of the old part and swap another part for you. Each part that is being fixed or supplanted are real parts and will accompany a year guarantee, which another repair shop just gives a 1-3 month guarantee.
our experts have been prepared for over 6 years and consequently, have a profound comprehension of different issues that may jump out at your iPhone models and how to solve them. Our technicians are highly qualified for their work. Top-quality and reasonable fix costs have been the primary factor of our abnormal state of consumer loyalty as we just utilize the most astounding quality screen to fix your Apple Phones with the least cost in the market in only 30 minutes.


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